How to paint metal, Part I – Epoxy primer vs. Self etching vs. DTM

We use a variety of paints for painting metals.

For residential painters, typically a spray primer and a brush-applied oil-based paint is the most common and work well.  However, to go the extra mile, a specific group of paints last a lot longer and perform a lot better over time. To paint metals for a long lasting high performance coating, we use one of the following three applications:

  1. Self etching paint
  2. DTM
  3. Epoxy primer

Self etching primers work on bare metals by etching and galvanizing (in a sense) at the same time. There is both an acid component and a zinc component to the primer.  The acid component cleans by through any chemicals, like oils, on the surface of the metal.  Then simultaneously, the zinc or clear coat component of the self etching primer seals.

DTM paints are “Direct to Metal Paints”.

In the next article in this series, we talk about induction time, pot-life, and flash point with epoxy primers.

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