Cold Weather Masonry Construction – What are the limits?

It is currently getting into the fall season and we are hurrying to wrap up our outdoor jobs that will be affected by cold weather.  It’s not that we mind working outdoors in the cold; it’s that some materials do not perform well if applied in adverse weather conditions and temperatures. Paint and cement are perfect examples. A mild winter goes a long way to keep the construction moving, but there really is no telling what we will get.

Most contractors just go with their gut to determine the limits, but real quality control has established limits that should be followed. We use the Building Code and the International Masonry Institute’s (IMI) standards as a guide.  In this case, we suggest following the IMI Technical Brief Section 2.5.6.

You can download this guide for future reference.

Cold Weather Masonry Construction IMI 2-5-6

Masonry work outside of the regular limits can be done but adds costs due to special provisions.