What’s in YOUR sewer?

I took a look in the gutter in my block the other day.  One of my neighbor’s had a guy working on their HVAC system and the guy accidentally spilled the fuel oil tank that he was taking out.  Me and the other neighbor’s got involved a bit to try to keep our local (and greater) environment clean as possible.

The EPA came out also to check it all out.  While he was poking around I got a chance to see into the storm sewer collection inlet.  It doesn’t look great, but it was kind of what I was expecting.  DPW doesn’t help much with this because they spill almost as much trash onto the alley as they pick up twice every week.  They make a mess, but that is how the city’s trash is collected.  In the future we may have other methods.  I do know the bum that drinks the MD 20’s though, DSC07308I will tell him to dispose of his bottles properly next time I see him.


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