Bat Closer

A Bat Brick is a brick cut across the width, shortening the length of the brick.  A brick cut to 3/4 the length is a 3/4 bat, similarly a brick cut in half is a half bat. A Bat Closer is used at the end of the brick course to end the row but still make flat surface.  Bricks courses are typically laid offset from the one below, this forms a stronger bond than if the mortar joints simply ran in long rows and columns across an entire wall.  If you only used whole bricks in offset courses the corner off your house would have bricks jutting from side every other course.  A bat closer is utilized to finish a course flush with the one below it.

A half bat closer is use on the left side of the surface shown, at every other course.

Click here to go to the list of all items on Capitol Hill Historic Masonry. 


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