A close look at at electrogalvanization

The picture below zooms in on a panel of electrogalvanized corrugated sheet metal, in this case used as a siding material.

The exposed layer of the metal panel shown in the photo above is zinc. The panel itself is steel, likely grade-5 mild steel which is easy to cut and less expensive than grade-8 or higher tensile strength steel.

In this case the zinc galvanization acts as a sacrificial anode to protect tge cathode, the steel substrate. Essentially the zinc coating protects against oxidation, rusting, when exposed to precipitation or air moisture, humidity.

Some obvious advantages of this type of steel protectant process are:

1. Electrogalvanized steel has lower cost than hot dipped steel, in most cases depending on batch process mill run lot sizes.

2. Thinner plating of electrogalvanized steel allows for better and tighter fit between mating parts.

3. The aesthetic of electrogalvanized steel has a cleaner, brighter, shinier look.

However there is one downside as well, the thinner coating of zinc in electrogalvanized process offer lower restance to corrosion than hot dipped process.

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