Gary Sr. Cuts Ceramic Tile on a Wet Saw (7/5/2013)

In the video below, our founder Gary Sr. shows us how to cut ceramic tile on a wet saw.

WARNING: you may want to lower the volume before watching this video.  The wet saw cuts at a very loud and high pitch.

To Gary Sr.’s right side of the ceramic tile, you can see the cut line.  The tile is run through the blade with the installed side intentionally positioned outside of the cut area.  By cutting the tile like this, you are sure not to lose any part of the tile that is to be installed. The other portion goes to scrap.  The blade width is taken out of the scrap piece of the cut tile. Here you can see Gary, Sr. and Gustavo use an ‘X’ to mark the piece they want to use.

I specifically do the opposite, I always mark the scrap piece with an ‘X’. They worked as partners, so they knew each other’s habits and quirks. Many types of installations go in most efficiently with specific crew or team sizes. Tile goes in best with two people working together. One person measures and sets the tile, and at the same rate the other one cuts the tile.